Kapwa Studio is a hair salon and barber shop in the day and whatever you want it to be at night. You can use the space for pop up events, event launches, pictorials or even music recording sessions.


We want to highlight the craft of hair styling for people to be creative in” says Dee Jae Paeste, one of the owners of Kapwa studios along with Marco Katigbak, Leslie Espinosa and Dan Bradbury. All of them grew up abroad but are deeply connected with their Filipino roots.

We are all Filipinos but not from the Philippines, we have a lot of love for the Philippines and we’re all rediscovering our roots, finding connections and we see this place from different eyes”

Leslie Espinosa, who has over 17 years of experience in the hair and make up industry internationally and now locally, came up with the name KAPWA. Kapwa represents togetherness, which is what the studio is all about.



They also happily support local handmade goods that are displayed upon entering the studio. Dee Jae, a painter himself is also passionate about bringing artists together and showcasing what local art has to offer. Different interesting paintings and artworks of him and other Filipino artists are exhibited in their studio so feel free to check all of them out.



The owners of Kapwa are involved in the community one way or another and are beautifully bringing different people from all walks of life into their studio. What’s exciting about visiting the studio is the diversity of the people as well as the events and workshops that are being continuously held. They switch things every now and then by changing the art pieces as well as the local merchandise. On the day we went there, there was a tattoo artist who came all the way from Canada named Ilona. You can check out some of her work on her Instagram account @nocentjokes.



Their team currently has plans to beautify murals and graffiti’s along the streets of Poblacion, a place in Makati heavily inspired by Manila street culture. Dee Jae states, We’re connecting a lot of people that are from here and live here. Being a part of the community is important to us because we come from a neighborhood that really has a lot of history and preconceived notions about what Poblacion is so we took that and turned it around to create a place full of art, creativity, music and community. It just transforms what Poblacion is in a lot of peoples eyes.”

Kapwa hosts an impressive team of make-up artists, barbers and hairstylists with an impeccable amount of talent to boot. They also have artists who specialize in textured or curly hair, so book a special appointment as schedules tend to get tight. If you want to avail of their services check out their rates below.



For studio rentals, contact Kapwa Studio as prices depend on time and day or visit their store located in 5059A P Burgos, Poblacion, Makati, 1210 Metro Manila.



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